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CUSTOMwood's reliable quality guarantees uniformity in size, colour, density and strength. These unique characteristics make CUSTOMwood ideal for applications where the project requires the sheet to be machined or painted. CUSTOMwood cuts, drills and routes cleanly without splintering or chipping. It is also free of any knots and grain, making finishing easier and less time-consuming. The pre-sanded surface makes it the ideal substrate for the application of natural timber veneers, vinyl, paper & heat transfer foils.

CUSTOMwood is manufactured from managed and renewable plantation pine and E0 (E zero) is also available in some sizes.

CUSTOMwood is also available surfaced with a white melamine impregnated decorative paper. It is a versatile panel for interior use in furniture & joinery applications, particularly in cupboards, wardrobes & storage applications. The excellent surface smoothness makes it ideal for further processing such as high gloss paint. Sheets are available in both single and double sided white.

Black melamine - from February 2011 Customwood MDF is also available in double sided Black melamine.
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